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New Single • I Lose Myself 

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New Single • Breaking Patterns

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New LP • The Ashes Under The Bed

Matt and Mark Thibideau have been bastions of the Canadian, and more specifically Toronto electronic music community since the late 80s. Over 3 decades, they have used their deep knowledge of virtually every synthesizer under the sun to develop a spectacularly diverse discography, perhaps most remarkable for its undeniable quality across an astounding range of sounds, from proto-industrial, sweeping ambient, lush house maneuvers, jacking electro, and deepest dub techno. Far from being dabblers or tinkerers, the brothers have shown a deft ability to master nearly any genre and bend its parameters expertly to their own ends. With their latest album for Haunt under their Repair alias alongside fellow musician and principal lyricist Dawn Lewis, they turn their attention to full electronic dance-pop, with predictably awe-inspiring results. Over the course of the album’s 8 tracks, the trio explores themes of love and loss, all of which showcase both their peerless synth programming and sound design, and first-rate hook-heavy songwriting which lingers in the mind even after the first listen. It’s a collection of pure Asides, all of which would feel equally at home in mainstream FM radio rotation, sweaty gay after-hours clubs, and European festival stages. While obvious comparisons from recent years could no doubt be drawn to the work or artist’s such as Kelly Lee Owens and Hercules and Love Affair, the album’s million-dollar sound (the album was expertly mixed on an SSL console by Roger Leavens at BoomBox Sound in Toronto) conjures undeniable nostalgia for 90s radio fixtures such as Everything but the Girl,, and further back still to synth-pop golden age stalwarts like Yazoo and the Human League. Though they've spent the majority of their career toiling in the underground, the latest album is destined to propel them to much wider attention, and easily an early contender for 2021 Juno for best Electronic Music album.

Written By Scott Monteith 

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