Repair is an electronic music trio that blends house beats with atmospheric textures to create eclectic soundscapes. Our multi-layered dance music combines original synthesizer sounds with intricate melodies, pulsating drum machines, resonant bass, reverberant guitar loops and a dreamy wash of vocals. 


We first formed in the early 90’s after bonding over our love of shoegaze and electronic music, and a shared desire to escape small town Ontario, Canada. Growing up near the American border at a time when everything seemed in a state of flux had great impact on our sound.


When we started making music together, in our parents basement it was with synthesizers, drum machines, a four-track tape machine and notebooks full of poetry. Though we use a far more sophisticated arsenal of electronic music equipment today, we continue to experiment and explore. We draw lyrical and sound inspiration from the industrial decline we are surrounded by.


In our nearly two decades of working together, we’ve gained international attention in the tight-knit electronic music scene. We’ve nurtured relationships, played many shows in venues throughout Europe and Canada and appeared at festivals including Valencia’s Observatori and Montreal’s Mutek. 


We’ve also released albums and EPs with Berlin-based electronic music labels Sub Static Records, Cynosure Recordings and Klangscheiben, as well as Esoulate Music in Leipzig. In 2011 we started our own independent record label Obsolete Components, an avenue for hardware based artists to release their music.


We compose and record all of our music at the Repair Lab, our own studio in west downtown Toronto. The loft studio houses vintage analogue equipment, modular and digital synthesizers and an array of effects processing units. 


Over the years, twin brothers Matt and Mark Thibideau, who still have their first synthesizers (a Univox Mini-Korg K-2 and a Moog Prodigy), have also established themselves for their synthesizer knowledge, appearing in I Dream of Wires: The Modular Synthesizer Documentary (2014) and consulting on new products for Roland. Dawn Lewis is a vocal coach, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. 


The trio is just completing their upcoming record, “The Ashes Under the Bed,” a full-length album recorded in 2017 and early 2018, and mixed at Boombox Studios in Toronto. 

Photo By: Margaret and Alex Kus


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Radio Talk
Forgive and Forget Remix • Richard Davis
Second Guess • Convenient Arrangements


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Photo By: Margaret and Alex Kus